Tiger & Leopard conservation, local employment, health and education

In February 2017, Violet visited SUJÁN’s Sher Bagh and JAWAI Leopard Camp situated in Rajasthan, India. SUJÁN’s commitment to conservation is two-fold. Firstly, they provide hands-on support to government and non-government agencies working with anti-poaching programmes, forest monitoring and wildlife research. The second is by creating awareness about protecting the wildlife, the habitats and the vital importance of saving the precious habitats of the endangered species that roam the areas.

JAWAI Leopard Camp invests in pioneering research focused on the local leopard population and the supporting prey species. They also have a s special initiative to train and utilize the skills of our local Rabari herdsmen is underway.

Violet was welcomed by the local communities living in the area who worked with SUJÁN. She spent her days tracking tigers in the wild jungles of Ranthambore and tracing leopards hidden in the eight hundred million year old molten volcanic rock formations of JAWAI.

During her time at SUJÁN, Violet spent time with the incredible local communities, most of whom lived in the area all their lives. The locals not only shared their knowledge of the local species, but they were best placed to preserve the ecosystem. SUJÁN not only supported local communities through providing employment and a source of income but they also build medical camps to serve thousands of local villagers as well as local animals and cattle.

Local schools are also supported through intensive teacher training programmes that upgrade the skills of local teachers and increase the standards of education as well as the knowledge of local wildlife in these rural Indian villages.

SUJÁN also brings together experts, scientists and government officials for cohesive conservation conclaves in an effort to align all stakeholders on the imperative conservation practices and continue the conversation on improving this.

Subsequent to this visit, Violet was motivated to produce a body of artwork which was exhibited in London in November 2017 with The Animal Art Fair. In order to produce and authentically Indian piece of artwork she stained her paper with Masala Chai Tea and painted the tigers fur using Betel Nut and turmeric.

A donation was made to SUJÁN’s Conservation Program from a percentage of the proceeds. A continual donation is also made to SUJAN and JAWAI from the sale of each limited edition print. You can view some of the related artwork in the gallery.

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