Inspite of persistent safety warnings, Violet boldly set off to Papua New Guinea in March of 2018. It is a land that she longed to visit for many years due to its jaw dropping tropical coral coastlines, thick rainforest, vast highland mountainscapes and rich tribal culture. Currently, Papau New Guinea is one of the rare places on the planet that is relatively untouched by flocks of tourists. This is mostly because of security risks as a result of tribal infighting and irregular law and order.

Violet’s trip had to be rescheduled a number of times dure to the questionable safety of a sole female traveller visiting these parts of the world. Finally her adventure took her to a remote disused military landing strip in Oro Province on the northern side of the mainland of Papua New Guinea. Violet spent an extraordinary few weeks exploring the fjords by canoe, visiting and sleeping in villages and spending time with the many local tribal communities who feel blessed to call this surreal part of the world their home. These villages are completely sustainable; with the men fishing the pristine and untouched coral reefs and the women who tend to the gardens that grow root vegetables and fruit.

Her expedition than took her on to the Kaboi Clan at Angorogho Village where she explored the coral reefs, mangroves and waterfalls. Violet’s gentle and curious nature means she is often welcomed with open arms to be immersed in the local pace and rhythm of village life. She was able to witness how the local tribes people live currently. There is a combination of cultural traditions and customs bought to them with the Christian missionaries around the turn of last century. There is also an ever increasing exposure to the modern world.

Violet was taught the Oro Tribe’s traditional method of beating bark, crushing soil and boiling roots and leaves to create their traditional dress. This all transformed into tangible and sensory experiences that oozes out of the artwork that transpired after this trip.

Donatons from Violet artwork will be given to Survival International, a global movement that helps tribal people defend their rights, protect their lands and determine their own futures. They exist as a platform to speak to the world about the racial, violent injustices that they experience often on a daily basis. All the Papuan peoples suffered greatly under the Indonesian occupation since 1963. Papua’s natural resources are being exploited at great profit for the Indonesian government and foreign businesses, but at the expense of the Papuan peoples and their homelands. Survival is supporting the right of the Papuan peoples to live on their land in peace, by exposing, and protesting against, the human rights violations they experience, and by campaigning for their land ownership rights.

A donation will be made to Survival International from a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of Original artwork as well as continual donations from sale of each print

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