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Charcoal Drawing H81.5cm x W98.5cm

Limited edition Giclee prints on Hahnemuhle German etch fine art paper individually signed and numbered by the artist are currently available.

A special moment captured during an afternoon spent watching this tigress and her cub meander through the jungle. There was a purpose in their gait yet a casualness in their manner; their big paws padding along as they chuffed and panted. The mother lay down and her daughter walked over and lovingly rubbed her face against her mothers. It was such a promising sight; to see the next generation of healthy Bengal tigers being raised in the wild.

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Original drawing and limited edition Giclee prints on Hahnemuhle German etch fine art paper individually signed and numbered by the artist are currently available.

I spent an intense hour watching a mother and her three cubs herding spotted deer through thick jungle in an attempt to make a kill. I couldn’t always see what was going on but the sounds of hooves crashing through the forest and the terrified screams of the deer sent chills down my spine. The deer were being pushed this way and that by tigers darting at them from all directions. From time to time the tigers would sprint out of the jungle or crouch down and stealthy stalk right in front of me. It was a thrilling experience that filled all the senses and had my adrenaline pumping. Eventually the hunt came to an unsuccessful end and this male cub, hot and exhausted after the chase, lay down near me. He was panting and licking his lips and all of a sudden his expression froze with this intense yet distant gaze as if reflecting on the hunt.

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Charcoal DrawingH104cm x W80cm

Shortly before capturing this moment I came across this beautiful tigress stalking a large Sambar deer. They were deep into steep jungle terrain and I watched as she crouched low and moved stealthily, in complete silence, despite her huge form. There was a sudden burst of sound and movement as she lunged towards the deer and with an explosion of noise and flashes of orange as she darted through the trees. It was an incredible experience that had the adrenaline pumping and filled all the senses. Sadly she missed this time and she took herself off to a near by pool to cool off. She eased herself in backwards, as tigers do, and started to drink with her tongue lapping up the water. Suddenly something caught her eye darting past her. Again there was a sudden roar of noise as she started pounding the water with her huge paws splayed and claws outstretched. I never thought I would see a tiger fishing, it was amazing! Unfortunately this attempt was also unsuccessful so she got out of the water and flicked her paws to shake off the water and continued her journey to find the next possible meal. Her body language, as she walked towards me, was that of composure in the face of adversity; ‘Sangfroid’.

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Charcoal Drawing H60cm x W84cm

This piece was drawn specifically for the Candida Stevens ‘Good Nature’ Exhibition in September 2017. The drawing was inspired by my time in India when I was lucky enough to see this beautiful leopard in the wild.

The markings on this particular leopard identify a female affectionately named Nagini by the locals. Her story is one of survival under tremendous challenges. She was believed dead after her mother’s untimely demise when she was a young cub, however she was spotted many months later, healthy and hunting peahens in the area where she grew up. Her remarkable resilience has meant that she has grown into adulthood and now breeding in the area.

Inside the piece, I have embedded amongst the Nagini’s spots the silhouette of a traditional Rabari herdsman with his distinctive turban to reflect the ancient and balanced relationship between man and leopard.

This piece comes with thanks and appreciation to the incredible work of SUJÁN’s JAWAI, who offer responsible tourism within this magical landscape. They work tirelessly with the government to conserve and support the local community providing employment and adopting schools.

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Don’t Palm Me Off

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Here is my 26 minute sketch for the Explorers Against Extinction Sketch for Survival tour.

One African elephant is poached for its tusks every 26 minutes. That’s more than 55 a day. Sketch for Survival aims to raise awareness about species extinction while also raising significant funds to fight wildlife crime through our touring wildlife art exhibition and online charity auction.

Many artists and celebrities donated original artworks from over 30 countries including Botswana, Zimbabwe, Iran, India, Russia and the UAE. Celebrities included Dame Helen Mirren and Dame Judi Dench, comedian, writer and actor Stephen Fry, Withnail & I and Game of Thrones actor Richard E.Grant, celebrity chef and Bake Off star Mary Berry, international bestseller Frederick Forsyth, Four Weddings and Harry Potter actress Sophie Thompson, the world’s most famous living explorers Sir Ranulph Fiennesand Colonel John Blashford Snell and renowned Wallace and Gromit multi-Oscar winning animator and director Nick Park. It is truly an international campaign against poaching.

The auction ran from Saturday 22nd September 2018, World Rhino Day, and finished November 25th 2018. The pieces were taken on an international tour: Harrogate, London, Bath, New York and Norwich.
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Charcoal Drawing H60cm x W76cm

Original drawing and limited edition Giclee prints on Hahnemuhle German etch fine art paper individually signed and numbered by the artist are currently available.

This piece was inspired during my time at Ranthembore National Park in Feburary 2017. This tiger cub had been watching a little yellow butterfly fluttering around and, at this moment in time, had just landed on a leaf.

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Chrarcol Drawing H60cm x W76cm

Original drawing and limited edition Giclee prints on Hahnemuhle German etch fine art paper individually signed and numbered by the artist are currently available.

I had been observing this adolescent cub frolicking around in a playful mood for a while. She had been following her sibling around trying to trip him up by pawing at his back leg in a playful manner, when all of a sudden she noticed me. Our eyes met and she had an expression of rapture on her face. There is nothing like the feeling of being looking at by a powerful predator straight in the eyes; it sends shivers down your spine and you are forced into the present moment while the rest of the world just melts away. My heart was thumping and all I had to rely on was the hope that the laws of the jungle still dictate that I am at the top of the food chain and, if all else fails, perhaps the open top vehicle I was in might be able to accelerate faster than the cub could. With an impulsive burst she bolted towards me and I froze with fear. With only few (precious!) meters between us she darted off to the side with a playful lollop like she had enjoyed this game… very much at my expense!

Mother Leopard and Cub

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This piece was inspired by my time in India in 2017 and donated to FAST UK’s Art for Angelman Exhibition.

All the funds raised went towards the treatment and cure for Angelman Syndrome.

Angelman Syndrom is a severe neurological disorder characterised by profound developmental delays, problems with motor coordination and balance, and epilepsy. Individuals with AS do not develop functional speech, they require life-long care, intensive therapies to help develop functional skills and improve their quality of life, and close medical supervision often involving medical interventions. AS is a relatively unknown and unheard of disorder (although it affects one in 10,000 children) with many doctors and people in the medical world having never heard of it. .
FAST UK was set up last year by Tom and Tamsin Keogh as their daughter, Amelia, was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome in 2015, she is now 3 and a half. Their mission in setting up FAST UK is to raise awareness and of course, money in the UK to help fund pioneering scientific research into the syndrome.

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