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A woman from the nomadic Awá hunter-gatherer tribe in the Brazilian Amazon.

The Awá peoples have an intimate connection with the forest and live without any contact with outsiders and are some of the last uncontacted people on the planet. They are the most vulnerable tribe on earth due to their vulnerable immune systems and deforestation.

The tribe are famous for taking on orphaned animals as pets: most families have many more pets than people, from monkeys, raccoon-like coatis to wild pigs and king vultures. And the women are known to breastfeed monkeys and small pigs.

The Awá tribe are a egalitarian society where it is normal for women to take several husbands.

Survival International the the global movement fighting for the Awa’s rights. For more information, visit or donate via my website here.

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A nomadic reindeer herder from the Nenets Tribe of the Yamal Peninsula, Siberia. Currently under threat of extinction due to climate change and resource extraction.

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