Violet’s original artworks are created using natural, recycled and/or sustainable materials. Her paper is made from recycled coffee cups to raise awareness about the 16 billion paper cups are used once and thrown away per year which means that 6.5 million trees have had to be cut down, 4 billion gallons of water used and enough energy to power 54,000 homes. She also uses charcoal created in her own fireplace.

For her coloured artworks she uses natural materials collected from the environment of her subjects, from betel nut to soil to yellow ginger. These organic materials create authentic, natural and environmentally friendly pieces of artwork.  Violet spends time with local villagers surrounding the national parks and wildlife areas to learn ancient methods of creating colours for dye.

Using live materials means embracing a state of change and evolution as the colours can change over time. By connecting us to the natural world, Violet wants to acknowledge that everything natural is in constant flux and celebrate the beauty in impermanence.

Original artworks must be taken extra special care of, they are not created with standard art materials but with materials that are alive and real. Therefore framing with protective glass and displaying out of direct sunlight is the kindest way to protect and enjoy the artwork.