Original drawing and limited edition Giclee prints on Hahnemuhle German etch fine art paper individually signed and numbered by the artist are currently available.

I spent an intense hour watching a mother and her three cubs herding spotted deer through thick jungle in an attempt to make a kill. I couldn’t always see what was going on but the sounds of hooves crashing through the forest and the terrified screams of the deer sent chills down my spine. The deer were being pushed this way and that by tigers darting at them from all directions. From time to time the tigers would sprint out of the jungle or crouch down and stealthy stalk right in front of me. It was a thrilling experience that filled all the senses and had my adrenaline pumping. Eventually the hunt came to an unsuccessful end and this male cub, hot and exhausted after the chase, lay down near me. He was panting and licking his lips and all of a sudden his expression froze with this intense yet distant gaze as if reflecting on the hunt.