This piece was inspired by my time in India in 2017 and donated to FAST UK’s Art for Angelman Exhibition.

All the funds raised went towards the treatment and cure for Angelman Syndrome.

Angelman Syndrom is a severe neurological disorder characterised by profound developmental delays, problems with motor coordination and balance, and epilepsy. Individuals with AS do not develop functional speech, they require life-long care, intensive therapies to help develop functional skills and improve their quality of life, and close medical supervision often involving medical interventions. AS is a relatively unknown and unheard of disorder (although it affects one in 10,000 children) with many doctors and people in the medical world having never heard of it. .
FAST UK was set up last year by Tom and Tamsin Keogh as their daughter, Amelia, was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome in 2015, she is now 3 and a half. Their mission in setting up FAST UK is to raise awareness and of course, money in the UK to help fund pioneering scientific research into the syndrome.