Charcoal DrawingH104cm x W80cm

Shortly before capturing this moment I came across this beautiful tigress stalking a large Sambar deer. They were deep into steep jungle terrain and I watched as she crouched low and moved stealthily, in complete silence, despite her huge form. There was a sudden burst of sound and movement as she lunged towards the deer and with an explosion of noise and flashes of orange as she darted through the trees. It was an incredible experience that had the adrenaline pumping and filled all the senses. Sadly she missed this time and she took herself off to a near by pool to cool off. She eased herself in backwards, as tigers do, and started to drink with her tongue lapping up the water. Suddenly something caught her eye darting past her. Again there was a sudden roar of noise as she started pounding the water with her huge paws splayed and claws outstretched. I never thought I would see a tiger fishing, it was amazing! Unfortunately this attempt was also unsuccessful so she got out of the water and flicked her paws to shake off the water and continued her journey to find the next possible meal. Her body language, as she walked towards me, was that of composure in the face of adversity; ‘Sangfroid’.