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Charcoal Drawing 58cm x 51cm The Northern White Rhino was formerly found in several countries in East and Central Africa south of the Sahara. Sudan, the last remaining male, has just died rendering the species effectively extinct. Please visit Save the Rhino International for more information.

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CHARCOAL DRAWING 65CM X 58CM A nomadic reindeer herder from the Nenets Tribe of the Yamal Peninsula, Siberia. Currently under threat of extinction due to climate change and resource extraction. Visit Survival International for more details or to support http://www.survivalinternational.org/ or donate via my website here.



Original drawing and limited edition Giclee prints on Hahnemuhle German etch fine art paper individually signed and numbered by the artist are currently available. I spent an intense hour watching a mother and her three cubs herding spotted deer through thick jungle in an attempt to make a kill. I couldn’t always see what was going on but the sounds of hooves crashing through the

PRATIBIMB प्रतिबिंब (REFLECTION)2018-11-07T14:00:52+00:00


Charcoal DrawingH104cm x W80cm Shortly before capturing this moment I came across this beautiful tigress stalking a large Sambar deer. They were deep into steep jungle terrain and I watched as she crouched low and moved stealthily, in complete silence, despite her huge form. There was a sudden burst of sound and movement as she lunged towards the deer and with an explosion of noise

DHEERATA धीरता (SANGFROID)2018-11-09T13:56:56+00:00


Charcoal Drawing H60cm x W84cm This piece was drawn specifically for the Candida Stevens 'Good Nature' Exhibition in September 2017. The drawing was inspired by my time in India when I was lucky enough to see this beautiful leopard in the wild. The markings on this particular leopard identify a female affectionately named Nagini by the locals. Her story is one of survival under tremendous

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A moment captured during an exhilarating hour spent tracking a tiger hunting spotted deer in the Indian jungle. Painted with Paan (betel nut), turmeric and charcoal on Masala Chai tea stained paper.

CHAI AND PAAN TIGER: AIR2018-11-07T13:40:50+00:00

Don’t Palm Me Off

Here is my 26 minute sketch for the Explorers Against Extinction Sketch for Survival tour. One African elephant is poached for its tusks every 26 minutes. That's more than 55 a day. Sketch for Survival aims to raise awareness about species extinction while also raising significant funds to fight wildlife crime through our touring wildlife art exhibition and online charity auction. Many artists and celebrities donated

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