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Chrarcol Drawing H60cm x W76cm

Original drawing and limited edition Giclee prints on Hahnemuhle German etch fine art paper individually signed and numbered by the artist are currently available.

I had been observing this adolescent cub frolicking around in a playful mood for a while. She had been following her sibling around trying to trip him up by pawing at his back leg in a playful manner, when all of a sudden she noticed me. Our eyes met and she had an expression of rapture on her face. There is nothing like the feeling of being looking at by a powerful predator straight in the eyes; it sends shivers down your spine and you are forced into the present moment while the rest of the world just melts away. My heart was thumping and all I had to rely on was the hope that the laws of the jungle still dictate that I am at the top of the food chain and, if all else fails, perhaps the open top vehicle I was in might be able to accelerate faster than the cub could. With an impulsive burst she bolted towards me and I froze with fear. With only few (precious!) meters between us she darted off to the side with a playful lollop like she had enjoyed this game… very much at my expense!